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Hi Everyone,

I appreciate all of your business so far this year and during 2014 I will have some exciting new products as well as everything from LED's, Induction Lighting, Ballasts, CFLs and SAD lights. I have THE best prices for all of my products and I've still kept my business philosophy very simple;

I always strive for excellence and I look to achieve Win - Win outcomes for all of my customers.

I do this by maintaining very reasonable margins to my pricing. I can BE VERY HELPFUL saving you money...that I DO VERY WELL.

All of my pricing is dependent on quantities and if you contact me directly, I know that we will come up with pricing that will work well for both of us.

All items are shipped within one day of your order. ALL ITEMS INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING !!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Reed - Owner

Sunlight Solutions LLC

Oregon Energy Trust Ally

Oregon State ESB # 5997

503-821-9650 - Cell